All Presets and LOOKs are 50% Off Through December 15

Are you looking to take Perfectly Clear to the next level? We offer an extensive collection of presets and LOOKs to jumpstart your creativity and unlock the full power of Perfectly Clear.  These presets and LOOKs are designed by professional artists like Kristina Sherk, Matthew Jordan Smith, and Vanelli.

Presets and LOOKs unlock new features in Perfectly Clear Complete, Perfectly Clear Essentials, and Perfectly Clear Free.

Big Sale

From now until December 15, all presets are on sale.  When you add them to the shopping cart, we’ll automatically deduct 50% (no codes, no extra steps).  This is the perfect chance to pick up a new pack (or even all of them).

There are two ways to buy:

  1. Launch the Apps Manager.  You can click the Buy button for any presets you want.
  2. Visit our website.  We’ve got a whole gallery here and the discounts will be applied at checkout.

What’s New?

We’ve got two brand new preset packs for you to enjoy.

Vintage Love Presets & LOOKs by Vanelli

A collection of 12 LOOKs that will quickly add a Vintage style to Portraits and Landscapes. Included in the Pack are editable one-click presets that will automatically add the right adjustments before the LOOK is applied. These presets are perfect for outdoor portraits and scenic landscapes.

  • FAST WYSIWYG WORKFLOW. Quickly scroll through the 12 included presets to determine which LOOK is best for your image.
  • EDITABLE ONE-CLICK PRESETS. Start with the included base preset then apply your personal changes. When finished, save the changes as a new preset or update the existing one.
  • 12 DIFFERENT VINTAGE LOOKS. Apply a different strength: Soft, Sharp, Fade, or Deep for a unique LOOK.
  • CLIENTS LOVE THE VINTAGE STYLE. Give your clients what they want without spending hours creating it.

Beautiful Woman Presets by Matthew Jordan Smith

A collection of 22 presets that are perfect for many different kinds of women. The collection contains a wide variety of styles by photographer Matthew Jordan Smith. Unlock the beauty of every photo with these time-savings presets.

  • WORKS WITH ANY PHOTO. Get just the right amount of retouching by adjusting the preset to your liking.
  • DESIGNED FOR PORTRAITS. An extensive collection of presets designed by fashion photographer Matthew Jordan Smith.
  • EASY TO CUSTOMIZE. Quickly change the appearance of each preset with the strength slider and automatic exposure controls.
  • FAST WYSIWYG WORKFLOW. Quickly scroll through the 12 included presets to determine which LOOK is best for your image.

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