A Letter from the President to Our Users

Hello, fellow photographers!

On behalf of everyone behind the scenes at Perfectly Clear, I want to thank you for being a loyal customer!

We’re a small team of 12, committed to forging big ideas that turn into simplified solutions for your photo editing needs. For the last 17 years, it’s been our mission to create innovative technology that saves you time while delivering beautiful images, effortlessly.

When you become a Perfectly Clear customer, you’re supporting our efforts to continually invent new features that make your life easier. And that’s why we’re really excited to let you know about the new features you’ll find in the brand new edition of Perfectly Clear — version 3.5! The new technology will leave you wondering how it was ever possible to love Perfectly Clear more!

  •   If you own version 3 of our Plug-ins, the update is totally free.  It’s our thank you gift for investing in our company.
  •   If you own LUCiD or an older version of our plugins, we invite you to upgrade at a very special discount, click here
  •   If you use our free Plug-in be sure to update it as well and also try out all the new features.

I am really excited  for this  release.  We’ve put a lot of love into it, many sleepless nights, and approximately 263,500 coffee beans.  It brings to you several big things that we’ve been working on for years.  Here are my personal favorites:

  1.   Now works as a stand-alone application!  We want as many photographers as possible to benefit from Perfectly Clear. So we’ve removed the need for a host application.  Our new stand-alone includes support for many raw files too. 
  2.   Visual Presets & LOOKs.  You can now view LOOKs and presets as easy-to-use thumbnail icons.  See all your results in a helpful browser, making it even faster to edit. 
  3.   Graduated Filters. Landscape photographers will find it easier  than ever before to make specific details in an image pop! Portrait and product photographers will be happy too with our new Radial filter.  Elliptical selection and apply adjustments inside or outside the target are a breeze.  Easily make lighting tweaks or stylistic vignettes, and take advantage of several useful presets to jumpstart your creativity. 

This is just a small preview of the new features in Version 3.5. All together, we made more than 20 improvements to Perfectly Clear!  You can see all the updates in detail by visiting our website and blog.  You’ll also find training videos to help you master these new benefits. Personally, I’ve been have a ton of fun with my landscape shots using our new Great Outdoors presets and LOOKs. Check out how I’ve been using our new features in photos from recent trips to France, San Francisco, Atlantic Canada and the Canadian Rockies. Totally awesome, eh?

I’m really proud of our team and what they’ve accomplished in version 3.5. We almost called this version 4.0, but we didn’t feel right asking our version 3 customers to pay for a new upgrade. Instead, we delivered on our promise to give you technology built from real intelligence (never artificial!) in a simple-to-use software designed to save time and effort for our customers.  I hope you have as much fun using the latest Perfectly Clear as we had creating it!  Click here to learn how to get it.

We’ve got a few more things up our sleeves and in the works, based on your requests and feedback, so stay tuned. And with the holiday season quickly approaching, be sure to share your love for Perfectly Clear with your family and friends.

Thanks again for placing your trust in us. Feel free to contact us at any time and let us know what’s on your mind.



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