Developing Perfect Eclipse Photos

Did you get the chance to photograph the solar eclipse?  If so we have some suggested editing tips to enhance your image using your favorite raw converter and Perfectly Clear.  We think this is the perfect combination to unlock the best details in your photo.

Convert the Raw File

The first step to a great eclipse photo is to convert your raw file. The goal is to get an image with a good white point and no color fringe. These settings are shown in Photoshop but will work in Lightroom.  If using another raw converter, try similar settings.

Step 1: Lower the white point. Be sure to set your white point lower to bring back critical details in the brightest areas.

Step 2: Remove chromatic aberration. High contrast areas can show color fringe.  Be sure to adjust the controls to remove purple or green ring along the edges.

Step 3: Remove any additional color casts. There may be additional color casts on the surface of the moon.  Feel free to use an adjustment brush to remove saturation.

The image is now ready for Perfectly Clear.

Enhance with Perfectly Clear

You can use the Perfectly Clear plugin for Photoshop or Lightroom to enhance your images. It’s the perfect way to unlock the most detail in your eclipse photos.

We’ve saved three presets that you can try here.  Here are the options you should tweak to make your images look their best.


  • Image Ambulance — Adjust this control to bring back some of the overexposed areas in the highlight areas. 
  • Corrective Filter — Try a cooling filter to bring out a gentle bluish cast.


  • Exposure — The Low preset will help balance the tones in your image.  Adjust to taste to get the perfect balance of tones.
  • Depth — Use High Contrast Depth to control the transition of the white and black areas around the eclipse.
  • Light Diffusion — This adjustment can enhance the glowing parts of the photo.


  • Color Restore — For rich blacks, set this to a higher value.


  • Sharpening— Check the image at 100% and use sharpening to enhance edge details.
  • Noise — If you shot using higher ISOs, try the Night noise reduction method.


  • LOOKs— Experiment with the BW Film Stocks and Color Film Stocks presets to get a rich image with a classic feel

We hope you enjoy these free presets and that Perfectly Clear makes your memorable photos even more so.

Photo by Francis Torres –