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The Business
of Perfection:
our job is to make
yours less work.

Every hour you save can boost your bottom line. That’s why we designed our software to streamline your workflow, taking tedious tasks off your to-do list and giving you an edge on your competitors.

Perfectly Clear LAB 5: Intelligent Image Correction for the Smart Printing Business

Even faster than previous versions, LAB 5 software features upgraded algorithms and comprehensive enhancements that let you correct a massive amount of images automatically. Customers report 85% reduction in editing time and more than 300% reduction in real time to process images. Learn More

Perfectly Clear Licensing

Embedded in over 15 million software copies, 20 million mobile devices, over 100,000 kiosks, thousands of mini-labs, and countless online solutions, our award-winning technology is chosen by leading companies around the world to automatically process billions of photos every year. Learn more

Clear Benefits for Business

We think our customers make the most credible, compelling case for Perfectly Clear. So let’s let them tell you their success stories in their own words. Find out how our time-saving solution is taking the labor out of lab work and improving profitability.

Harri Olkinuora, Head of Sales & Marketing, Netlife AS Read the Testimonials
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