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5 Simple Lighting Tips for Better Food Photography

This is a guest post by Photofocus writer Vanelli.  Click to see more of his articles. While I was at a photography conference, I ran into my good friend, Lou Manna. Lou’s award-winning photographs have appeared in over 40 cookbooks, in marketing campaigns for Kraft Foods, Dannon and the Culinary Institute of America, as well […]

Ten Tips to Improve Your Landscape Photography

This is a guest post by Photofocus writer Susan Kanfer.  Click to see more of her stories. Always think of the wind, even when it doesn’t seem like a windy day. Anything affected by even the slightest amount of wind will look blurry. Unless you purposely want a blurred image, you might need to increase […]

Developing Perfect Eclipse Photos

Did you get the chance to photograph the solar eclipse?  If so we have some suggested editing tips to enhance your image using your favorite raw converter and Perfectly Clear.  We think this is the perfect combination to unlock the best details in your photo. Convert the Raw File The first step to a great […]

Plan for the Solar Eclipse, Aug 21, 2017

This is a guest post by Photofocus writer Levi Sim who’s also a professional photographer from Portland Oregon.  Click to see more of his stories. When the sun and the moon and the earth line up with the moon in the middle it makes a solar eclipse. This happens from time to time, but since […]

Focus On Your Subject By Using Layers

The following is a guest post by professional photographer Lisa Robinson, Owner/Lead Photographer at Lovesome Photography.  She creates award winning wedding & portrait photos to the Washington, D.C. area & beyond. There are many ways that we, as photographers, bring focus to the subjects of our photos. We use light and shadow, composition, and focal […]

Use a Diffuser: A Must Have Lighting Tool!

This is a guest post from Levi Sim, a talented photographer and a writer over at Photofocus. I’m a snob about lighting, which means I won’t make a picture if the light isn’t good enough. When I have the opportunity to influence the light on my subjects, the one tool I use most frequently is […]

Lightroom Live: Personalizing Powerful Plug-ins

  Personalizing Powerful Plugins with Serge Ramelli  We’ve demonstrated a lot of plugins on this show, and we love that they add power to Lightroom’s finishing tools. This month, fine art photographer and educator, Serge Ramelli is going to show us how to take all those plugins and make them ours. He’ll show us how […]

Live Webinar: Mastering Photos for Mac Extensions

  This Month: Mastering Photos for Mac Extensions Apple’s Photos app is a powerful editing and organizing tool. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, you’ll find that not only is it a good tool, but it couples with other apps to help you finish your photos the way you envision. This month we’ve got our own […]

How to Use LUCiD Apps for Photos as Extensions

Did you hear?  We’ve made photo editing on a Mac even easier.  If you use Mac OS Sierra or OS X El Capitan, you can install our LUCiD apps and use them as Photos extensions. This workflow lets you edit an image without the need to export the image first, and keeps the edited and original image […]